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HR IS GOOD AT THIS: Keep the Mascot Name "Rebel", but Replace the Image...

A rival school in my neighborhood has seen the light - they're keeping the nickname "Rebels", but replacing the optics of their mascot (currently a old guy that looks like Colonel Sanders).  Click here to read more, but the news isn't the point.  It's the opportunity to come up with a new form Rebel for a school in the Southeast.

So - drop the Colonel, but keep the name Rebel.  What's the new mascot?  Here's some ideas I had, because HR people are all about helping you avoid lawsuits and can help with this stuff, right? Meet the new Rebel My ideas:

--Billy Idol with the snarly face.  Rebel Yell.  All the people with the money are old enough to get it.  And they write the checks.

--A picture of Jerry Tarkanian (Tark the Shark) chewing on a towel.  Running Rebels.

--Picture of James Dean.  Rebel without a cause.

--Diagram of Kid Rock in the funky hat.  Just because.  Lead singer from Rage Against The Machine.  Same vibe.

--George Washington. Because today's hero was yesterday's terrorist.

--Han Solo.  With a gun. And Chewie and C3PO...

What do you have?  Hit me in the comments.  Make them funny.



Marlon Brando as Johnny in "The Wild One"

Mildred: Hey Johnny, what are you rebelling against?

Johnny: Whadda you got?


That's the old Ole Miss mascot: Colonel Reb. When they were debating the mascot change they also had a Star Wars option but it was much better: colonel Akbar (of the rebel alliance). Cute, but Lucas Films shot it down. Now they have a black bear as the mascot but they kept the team name Rebels. Nonetheless… Hotty Toddy!


Bruno - whadda got? I love rebelness looking for a cause..

Joe - hotty toddy indeed...


Karen H

A teenager? They are usually full of rebellion!


Like most big cultural changes, this one will take a while and there will be a core set of gripers that fight all change efforts.

As an MSU graduate I have at times selfishly hoped the school up north would keep the confederate battle flag and Colonel Reb. Unfortunately, the students, faculty, and administration have been too forward-thinking. Damn you, Ole Miss!

--Matt (quietly suffering PAC-12 football)

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