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My readers are smart.  From Steve:

"Is there an HR Pro in the house?" Uh, no: HR Manager http://gravitypayments.com/careers?p=job%2FoX8l1fwb

--Steve YPO-Dan-Price-Gravity-Payments


This is the job posting for the HR Manager job for Gravity Payments in Seattle.  The company where the CEO decided to make 70K the minimum salary for all.  Then experienced what happens when you make an arbitrary decision without seeing the rest of the game.

The high performers didn't like it.  Some of the managers didn't like it.  Hell, some of the people who are in the process of getting bumped to 70K felt dirty about it (click the link for the backstory if you missed it).

If you're a HR Manager in the Seattle area, this job is available.  If you make it work, you're on your way to great things, my friend.

Let me know if you apply.  I like to know who the people who like big challenges are.



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