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You know it's true, right?

It doesn't matter what your company's dress code is.  People naturally filter in a type of caste system when it comes to how they dress.  You can identify the type of employee by what they wear.  Here's a taste of that from a former intern at a tech startup via TechCrunch: Startupguy

"When the doors opened onto the third floor I had my first introduction to the startup dress code. If you’ve worked for a startup before, you know the code I’m talking about. It allows you to subconsciously identify someone’s role at a company just by what they wear.  I won’t give away all the details, but it’s usually something like this:

developers have some variation of the Zuckerberg hoodie,

designers have some sort of bright-colored shoes,

the business guys wear collared shirts, and;

the venture capitalists wear sweaters over a collared shirt.

I fit into none of these categories that day, and stuck out like a sore thumb. Classic intern.

So it's not your formal dress code that matters.  It's the informal one.

If you want a great marketing opportunity to make you look human in HR, have fun with the informal dress code.  Fashion show?  Sure...  Career site parodies?  Absolutely.  I think some type of "natural habitat" feature is a great way to parody the tribe-based dress code in your company.

Make fun of the tribes and how they dress in a nice way.  Everyone will wink and nod, and you'll look smart.


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