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You Should Know This Term - LEADERSHIP GRAVITY

Big Data - It's coming for you.  But you don't have to wait for a system that can spit out every answer.

With a little work, you can become a dat- driven HR pro.  You just need to think outside the box, do a little work and then be willing to use the data to force people into interesting conversations.

I was up last week over at Fistful of Talent giving you an interesting metric I learned from Tim Sackett.  Like me, it's something you know, but it took Tim to point it out to me.  Here's a piece of that post:

"You know what gravity is, right?  It’s the force an object holds that pulls other objects closer.  As it turns out, leadership has gravity inside your organization.  Leadership gravity is the extent to which any manager in your organization gets more transfers in than transfers out.

Let’s dig in a little bit.  Discard all new hires and terms that happen when employees voluntarily leave your company.  Only think about internal transfers within your company.  Now run reports on where those transfers went.  Tally up the plus/minus for any manager, department or executive and you’ve got the relative Leadership Gravity of that person within your company."

Hit this link to see the whole post over at FOT and start thinking about better metrics to illustrate what's really going on in the Human Capital space at your company.



That is certainly one way to look at that metric, however what about those leaders that are grooming their direct reports for others. I can think of more great bosses that I have had that would be on the minus side of that metric because they were losing people to their peers that were not hiring, developing, retaining great people etc. Like many things, this metric should not be looked at in a vacuum. Thanks for your thoughtful posts.



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