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Your company wants the best candidates, right?  You interview, you interview again, hell - maybe you even have an assessment platform to help you find Mr or Ms Right.

One thing we're all probably missing - are we trying to make sure that a certain percentage of our hires are animals when it comes to work ethic? Check out the video embedded below from Gary Vaynerchuk, who discusses what he calls "The Shortest Road to Success". (email subscribers click through for the video)

Quotes from this 3-min video:

"I come with the enormous assumption that you're all too soft to beat me"

"To be great, you have to fight"

"I believe my success is based on my ability to outwork people"

"You're going to waste a ****load of time worrying about being better at things that don't matter"

There's a lot of writing today that talks about work/life balance.  That's true and meaningful.

But when you're staffing your company, never forgot - it's the animals who refuse to lose and will do whatever it takes to win related to effort, hours and sacrifice that are probably going to be the ones who move your company to the next level - or allow it to survive.

10% of your hires need to be these people.  Thanks to GV and Josh Letourneau (my friend who referred me to the video) for the reminder. If you need help, call me at Kinetix, because I'd be thrilled to hear what you think and talk about finding those people.


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