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So you've got more than one offer to choose from?  Congrats!

If you're like most people, the fact that you're pondering two different offers means the money is close enough to take either job.  That means you're probably comparing the two different companies, wondering which one is a better fit for you or will be the most advantageous to your career.  

Comparing companies is one of the biggest mistakes you can make - if you're high potential.  The dirty secret with jobs, especially early in your career, is that you should be comparing jobs based on who is going to manage you at each company.

If you're under 35 or 40 years of age, the best boss should always win.  What do I mean by best boss?  Great question.

The best boss is the one who has a long track record of growing people on their team.  They are the boss who doesn't hoard all the credit, who is willing to let others shine and promotes the work people on their team do - both inside and outside of the organization.

The best boss is the one who is connected - so much so, that when people see you working for them, you become a natural candidate for future positions.

The worst boss when comparing?  Does none of the above, and is more concerned about locking you in long term that it's about their comfort - not your career.

Don't pick the best company when comparing offers - pick the best boss.  You might make less or be less comfortable short term, but the long term benefits of working for great people will return your faith and investment many times over.

Pick the best boss.  You know it when you see if if you're reading this blog.


Howard Nizewitz

While I agree with you somewhat, it sometimes can blow up on you. As what happens if the best boss moves on or transfers to another area? Yes, you can decide to move on as well but may not be the best decision if only there for a short time. Wouldn't a better approach be balancing both the boss as well as the firm? Tying your fate to one person may not always work out.

Katie Raynolds

Thanks for sharing this, Kris, it hits home 100%. I had 3 offers on the table and chose based on people, boss included. Best decision I ever made!

To Howard's point - the best bosses are the ones committed to the company as well for the long-term.

John Petrov

Most often, if a great boss moves on to another opportunity and you are flexible to move with her/him they will take you with them. This is especially true if you are flexible to relocate. Doing so can not only open doors to you that may not have otherwise existed, it may also help you to further develop your skills and abilities, etc.

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