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THIS IS THE END: Skinny Jeans Now OK for Wal-Mart Employees...

You know the deal with Armageddon. You know it when you see it.  For some, that means bible verses. For others, it's a Cleveland team winning any type of championship.

Me? When Wal-Mart employees are allowed to wear skinny jeans, I think it's time to make sure the gas generator is operational. Skinny jeans

Everyone head to the storm shelter.  Wal-Mart is opening up it's dress code.  More from the Washington Post:

"In a cavernous college basketball arena on the campus of University of Arkansas, Wal-Mart announced workplace changes this morning that were based on employee feedback: It is tweaking the temperature in its stores, which employees have said are often too cold or too hot. It will relax its dress code, which currently only permits workers to wear khaki or navy pants with blue or white collared shirts. On July 1, employees will also be able to wear black or khaki-colored denim, and overnight workers will be allowed to wear blue denim and T-shirts.

Does that say skinny jeans are disallowed? No. So you know that you're automatically going to see things you don't want to see at Wal-Mart related to the move to denim.

When Aramark provides the khaki's, you never have to worry as an employer. When Maurice's or Rue21 is the source, you're in for a rude awakening.

The good news is that Wal-Mart is evolving, and they believe that happy employees equate to improved business results and customer service, and that's a welcome change from past practices.

The bad news is that there's going to be a new website called "Employees of Wal-Mart" that shows employees defying the laws of physics by squeezing into jeans that severely limit their mobility.

All in all, I give Wal-Mart a +1 for the move.  Just don't expect me not to smile when I see the judgement issues.

PS - read the article, Wal-Mart is also establishing a DJ to move from the tasty Celine Dion tracks we've come to know and love...




Wonder what that DJ job pays...
I now have an aspiration beyond that of Greeter for my golden years.


I now have another interesting reason to visit walmart everyday on my way back from work.Those skinny jeans.


Aramark never provided me my uniforms I have had to go out and buy each and every one.

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