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THE BIGGEST LIES IN HR HISTORY: I've Read the Book "Topgrading" From Front to Back...

Lies. You've told some whoppers in HR. The biggest ones are always designed to make you look more with it than you have time to be. Topgrading

Here's a favorite of mine - "Topgrading?  Oh yeah, I've read that - loved it. (shows fist to indicate "it's strong")

This lie is not limited to HR pros.  Business leaders of all types indicate they've read the book.

Maybe it's not a total lie.  But here's the reality:

Topgrading is 600 pages long.

You didn't read it, you skimmed it.  You know it's about long interviews and really digging in to determine if someone is an A player.  If you're a good interviewer, fine - just tell me that.  If you're trying to move out some mediocre talent and get better, hit me with that.

Just don't tell me you've read Topgrading and subscribe to all its .  You've read about Topgrading. But it looks great on the shelf behind you, doesn't it?

I see you.



Rob Orr Sphr

I DID read it - All 600 pages years ago and DON'T subscribe to it, for among other reasons,it requires a level of management discipline and time that is unrealistic. It also can't possibly work after a few years if done right because it reduces the variability that the model is based on...

Lina Chung

Totally thought the same thing about that book. Thank you for voicing!!


Hanity and Colmes.

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Great read, worth it and it's a very quick read as well. You'll get through it in one sitting.

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