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Let's face it, most of us are broken.  We're broken in different ways, but we're still broken.

Some of us have ideas - lots of great ideas, some of them are exceptional. But we get lost in a cloud of ADHD and when combined with the corporate exhaust most of us are forced to inhale, we can't effectively execute on those ideas.

Others of us don't barter in the marketplace of ideas.  These people are execution focused. They get things done and can be relied on to follow through. Idea

Who's right?  Who's wrong?  If you belong to one camp or the other, it's easy to be myopic and say your world view is the best.

The reality?  Both world views are needed, and not every job can accommodate both world views - some jobs very specifically need one or the other.  Creative jobs need ideas.  Jobs with a focus on delivering on an idea that's already been specced out needs organizational and execution skills.

My two rules for getting things done are as follows:

1. Never allow an idea generator on your team to generate another idea once they have 3 concepts they're actively trying to deliver on.  Any more than that and they have no shot at getting anything done.  This takes some discipline, because you're going to have to shut them down and only allow any work to be done on a new concept after one of the three has been checked off - or shipped to someone purely focused on delivery.

2. Never allow an execution-focused person to be in charge of anything creative. They're not wired to give you original thoughts.  Get them in the right job.  It's not generating ideas - They're too strapped into the way things have always been done.

Now go out and tell your idea guy to shut the ___ up until we delivers on one of the three things you feel are viable, active projects based on his ideas.

Then, when the execution person is laughing about that, tell them to shut the ___ up and go get with the idea guy and help figure out how to get one of the 3 things off his plate - so he can create.

Both sides are right.  Both sides are wrong. Until you manage their weaknesses, they'll never truly maximize the power of their strengths.


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