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Let's face it, if you've worked anywhere for more than a year, things get a little stale.  Not stale from a perspective that the sky if falling and everything's broke, more like from the perspective that you're not necessarily doing your best work.

Your organization has limitations. When you were young (in the job, not in dog years), you fought against that BS.  Now that you've been in the job for awhile, the battle on a daily basis is somewhat less.  Why should you fight?  The organization is what it is.  For that reason, some days the company gets your best, and somedays they don't.

That's why I love the idea that came from my good friend Steve Boese in a FOT post.  Steve took a look at how fantasy sports games have evolved to a daily thing to manage our attention space.  Take a look at part of what he wrote and then let's talk after the jump.  More from Steve Freaking Boese (SFB) over at Fistful of Talent:

Element 1 – Make every day ‘Draft’ day

Most traditional fantasy players will tell you that their favorite day of the season is ‘Draft’ day, that one day prior to the starting the season where the Fantasy team owner selects his or her roster of Johnny-Manziel-NFL-Browns-Meme_1players for the upcoming season. Draft day is exciting, challenging, and just more fun than the actual fantasy games themselves.  The daily fantasy games have figured out a way to allow the players to ‘draft’ every day, thus giving them more of what they enjoy.

The lesson for the rest of us? Understanding what, where, and when in any process that creates the most interest and excitement for customers or employees and devising a way to create ‘more’ of that is a sure way to increase engagement and adoption.

It's true.  There's a major BILLION dollar business unfolding in daily fantasy sports, and it's all predicated on:

1. We have no attention span.

2. We grow to hate the teams we own (or are on at work for purposes of this post)

3. We need a refresh more than we would like to admit as adults.

So here's the idea off that post.  One week, run an experiment in a test tube at your company.  Line up 5 things that really need to get done and preferably required a mix of thinking and doing, then line up five managers.  Those five managers get to draft their teams (same number of players) to attempt to accomplish one of the 5 things you've listed a stretch goal in that interim period.  Have them draft and go after it.

What I think you'll find is that people will come to work with a little more peep in their step if they have a common goal, are on a team that drafted them for that reason/with that goal in mind, and the period of time they have is finite to accomplish the goal.

Run the draft sometime soon.  Tell the old managers they can have their people back in a week.  See what happens.

I think you'll learn a lot about your people, motivation and how things get done.


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