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CAPITALIST WEBINAR: 5 Ways To Build a Recruiting Function Your CEO Will Love!

The recruiting world has grown in complexity with each passing year.  Staying on top of the macro trends (mobile, social, etc.) and the moving target related to how candidates find jobs (aggregation, job boards, referrals, etc.) is a full time job.  Throw in the difficulty of measuring the effectiveness of your recruiting spend and it’s enough to make you say, “No Mas.”

Never fear, the gang at Fistful of Talent (my group blog) is here to help you get a reset via our roadmap for Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 11.19.05 AM building a high performing Talent Acquisition/Recruiting function.  Join RJ Morris and I for our June webinar (sponsored by the recruiting experts at CareerBuilder) on June 24th at 2pm Eastern (1pm Central) entitled, Moving Past Smile and Dial: 5 Ways to Build a Recruiting Function Your CEO Will Love, and we’ll hit with the following roadmap to help you build the perfect recruiting machine:

The Front End: There’s never been more competition for the attention of candidates, so you’ve got to look GOOD.  We’ll help you understand the value of front-end items like a robust Careers SiteTalent Networks, Job Descriptions that don’t put people to sleep, and ATS messaging designed to make people smile—not cringe.  We’ll also give you a roadmap for how to use Social Media in a way that makes candidates feel like your company gets it. 

–The Back End: The worst enemy of any recruiting function is disorganization, so we’ll cover critical elements of your back office like ATS functionality, the mission critical nature of having your own searchable candidate database as a strategic advantage, automated job distribution/postings and more.  Your recruiting function is only as good as your back end, so we’ll help you understand how to build it out. 

–Building Your Recruiting Strategy: How many recruiters do you need?  How do you calculate your investment in recruiting?  What should that investment be?  How do you measure the effectiveness of your Recruitment Marketing Spend?   Good questions. We’ve got the answers in this strategy section.  

Creating a Coaching Culture in Recruiting and Measuring Your Success: You can do all of the things listed above well, but if you don’t actively coach your recruiters, it probably won’t matter.  We’ll give you some benchmarks for recruiter performance goals and walk you through how successful recruiting managers treat recruiters like salespeople – ultimately wanting filled positions but coaching up and down the recruiting funnel. 

Whether you’re a Recruiting/HR Leader looking to remodel your recruiting function or an up and coming recruiter looking to understand the strategic side of the recruiting business, join us for Moving Past Smile and Dial: 5 Ways to Build a Recruiting Function Your CEO Will Love on June 24th at 2pm Eastern (1pm Central) to get ramped up.  As a bonus, we’ll also provide a FOT Checklist – 10 Things To Do Today to Maximize Your Ability to Attract Great Talent – to all who register.  This checklist is a great tool to cross off what you’ve already done well, then use it as an avenue to show what you’re missing when asking for more budget for your recruiting function.  



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