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Quick thought today about generations and the impact of today's media scene on future generations.

I'm no generational guru.  I don't buy all the stuff being sold about Gen Y and whatever comes after it, Genx mainly because I've had young people with high cognitive skills, high assertiveness, low rules orientation and high detail orientation, and they act just like the older folks with that profile do.  Which is to say they kick ass and take names.  I'm not sure they care about feedback once they have that profile.

I could go on and give you a bunch more behavioral profiles and point out that the old folks with the profile in question act just like the youngsters with that profile.  But I digress.

There are two generational things I'm convinced of.  Observations:

1. The older any generation gets, the more likely they are to vote Republican and move near me in the suburbs.  Welcome youngster.  It's not as easy when you have kids, is it?

2. Older generations like Boomers and X have deep shared experiences they connect with.  I think Gen Y and whatever comes after it won't have those rallying points, mainly because the proliferation of media that's occurred in the last decade leaves us with too many choices on what information to consume to have a common experience.

I'm Gen X and it's relatively easy to stoke a reaction from other Xers.  Just roll out some musical references (grunge and old school rap), TV shows (Friends, Seinfeld, maybe some Brady Bunch references) and games (Galaga, Space Invaders, etc) and we're connected.

We had limited media choices, although it was a waterfall compared to what the Boomers had.  As a result, we all listened to, watched and played the same things.

Today's world has exponentially more choices.  You can't talk about the equivalent of "Friends" around the water cooler and connect if you're growing up today.  Too much s### going on.

The result?  I think future generations will connect via the shared experience they had with different forms of media.  Think social media outlets like Snapchat.  

They'll remember the good old days where you could send a nude picture and have it disappear in 10 seconds.  Until someone grabbed a screenshot.  Remember that?  Good times.

The kids are alright.  They just won't be able to center their blogs on cultural references as rich as Kurt Cobain.

Sucks to be them.



#1 - You are a generational guru!

#2 - Galaga has killer iPad App

#3 - Did you know that Tolstoy originally titled his masterpiece, "War, War, What Is It Good For?"

#4 - We were on a break!

#5 - I can't remember #5, "something suddenly came up"



"Older generations like Boomers and X have deep shared experiences they connect with."...X is considered one of the "older" generations now?!?!?!? Dammit! Well that explains my arthritis and high blood pressure....

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