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Want to know why so many professional grade people love mowing the grass?

It's because the activity is finite and has a sense of accomplishment.  You mow the grass and look at it Lawn-mower-beer after you're done and say, "I did that. That feels good."

But the normal week of work for professionals?  A sea of gray.  No black and white.  No yard to mow, knowing that after an hour you'll clearly see the results of your action. The higher you go, the more gray it is.  Will what I do today result in any achievement I can point to as the result of my action?

Maybe. Maybe not. It depends.

Sucks to be you.

It's no wonder performance management is such a difficult thing when you try to manage high end, white collar professionals. 

Think about the title of the post - I Had a Call Before The Call to Nudge Someone Forward Before the Meeting.

A lot of your job - and those you manage - as a white collar professional is about influencing people to do things. What's it take to influence someone?  It's different EVERY TIME YOU DO IT.

So you make a call - before the call you had scheduled to talk about the upcoming meeting - to influence someone to do something positive toward the goal you have in mind.


But this is our life.

That makes hiring people - who are comfortable with the gray and understand the value of taking many small actions towards a goal with no guarantee of success - one of the most important things you can do today.

What does that person look like? It depends. High assertiveness and low rules orientation comes to mind.  

Good luck hiring the influencer this week - and have fun mowing the grass this weekend.



Things that stumpt progress: I Had a Call Before The Call to Nudge Someone Forward Before the Meeting.

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