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Mobile Recruiting - You Need It, But Results May Vary...

Thought I'd share some thoughts related to the concept of mobile recruiting - which for the uninitiated, simply means that when candidates hit your careers site or jobs page, they get a mobile version of site that doesn't make them "pinch and expand" to read it, as is the case if your careers site and jobs engine isn't mobile-friendly.

There's basically two things to think about when it comes to mobile recruiting and your careers page:

1.  You want visits to your careers site/job page to be mobile friendly, with none of the aforementioned "pinch and expand" chasing candidates off before they even get started,  Kinetix mobile

AND, if you're really feeling frisky,

2. You want to give candidates an option to apply via their mobile device.  Bleeding edge - do it right from that smart phone.  The obvious challenge with this is that you can't have a labor intensive application process - it needs to be lightweight in order to be delivered and executed via a smartphone.

So here's my deal - I believe in mobile recruiting 100%.  With Indeed reporting that almost 50% of their total traffic comes from mobile, you have to be in the game.

I'm all in.  But I'm here today to tell you that results may vary when it comes to what % of your total applications come from mobile devices.

To get a baseline, I found this article that shows that Chipolte gets 20% of their total applications from mobile.  That's great, and BTW, Chipolte doesn't deliver their careers site (at least on my phone) in a mobile-friendly way.  The site doesn't become optimized for mobile until you search jobs, then things start looking very mobile-friendly.

So Chipolte gets 20% of their applications from mobile.  That's impressive.

So I ran the mobile application numbers for the first two months of 2015 at my recruiting company, Kinetix.  We have a mobile-friendly website and a mobile application process powered by one of the best companies in mobile recruiting and it's been in place for over a year.

What to know what I found?  Brace yourself, because it's kind of staggering...

We don't have the volume of applicant flow that someone like Chipolte has, but we're no slouch.  We have a good bit of applicant flow coming through our portal as a strong RPO company.  Here's what happens with mobile applications on our end:

-Total % of Applications that are delivered via Mobile - Less than 1%

-% of Mobile Page Views of our jobs that end with a Mobile Application conversion - Less than 1%

Couple of disclaimers to those numbers.  First up, our Indeed traffic goes straight to the job posting in question in our ATS, so it doesn't impact these numbers.  Since Indeed is huge, that would undoubtedly drive these numbers up.  But do you really want to go messing with the flow from Indeed?  Periodically, the answer has been "no".  It's hard to risk interrupting Indeed to get the traffic flowing to the screen shot you see of our mobile environment to the right.

Still, the numbers broken out above tell me a couple of things.  First, we don't do many entry-level positions and most of our hires are white collar, so I'm assuming white collar applications via mobile trail the general marketplace.  With that in mind, I'm assuming most folks in our higher end jobs shop via mobile, then email themselves a link to apply via the normal desktop process.  After all, candidates want to put their best foot forward with a nice resume, etc, and most still don't know how to navigate Dropbox or Google Drive to attach documents to the mobile application process.

You have to be in the mobile game.  Application rates will go up over time across all job families.  If you're considering mobile recruiting, the real question you have to ask yourself is the following:

"Do I believe that my candidates want to apply over a mobile device?"

"What's the cost vs how many people I expect to apply via mobile?"

"Am I ready to go down the project rabbit hole of interrupting Indeed to ensure mobile traffic from that site gets a better mobile experience?"

"If I don't believe my candidates want mobile apply, can I accomplish making my careers site mobile friendly by simply making it mobile responsive?"

You have to be in the mobile recruiting game.  How much you spend on that this year depends on what type of return on investment you are going to get.  Our experience at Kinetix suggests that return on investment varies greatly by industry and job class.  We still believe you have to be in the game, but some may need to consider this a long term investment.


Sean Conrad

Interesting post as usual KD.

I like the questions you add at the end. I will add this one to your list:

"If white collar applicants don't want to apply on mobile, what can I do to make it easy for them to come back and apply on their computer?"

If rebuilding your recruiting platform to be responsive is going to take too long and be expensive, maybe there is a simple button that can be added connected up to an email auto-responder that could be implemented faster and on the cheap.

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