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Quick thought today: If part of employee engagement is your employee feeling like they're in a perfect job for where they're at in their career, then...

One of the most important things you can do with any open position is to NOT overshoot your target.

EagerHere's what that means.  In a knowledge/skills/abilities world, it's easy to go down the checklist and make sure the candidate has what they need to be productive in the role in question. 

One question we never seem to ask: Do we think the candidate is happy to have this job?  Do they think they're fortunate to be working in the job, for the company, the manager?

In my experience, it's probably better to hire someone who's a 80% match for the job but has demonstrated ability to be a quick learner.  Why?  I want someone who knows they might be in a slightly bigger job than they deserve from a KSA perspective, and is thankful for the opportunity.  But close enough of a match that they can survive and close the gap quickly. 

Do you get that thankfulness from someone who's slightly overqualified or simply a good fit for the job in question?  Maybe. But I think that afterglow quickly fades.

Give me the almost qualified candidate any time.  I'm pretty sure you get longer periods of initial engagement from that type of hire than someone who's basically overqualified for the role.

Don't overshoot your talent target in recruiting if you want longer periods of engagement on average.  There are 99 things that impact engagement - this is one.


Rishiman Chandwani

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