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#Patriots (Cheaters, Genius, Hoodie, Supermodels, Culture, Brady)

If I hashtagged this post, it wouldn't be #patriots.  

It would be #GiveThePeopleWhatTheyWant

5K in visitors to The HR Capitalist on a Sunday, most of them googling something to do with the patriots.  So here you go, all the posts I could find that I've done on the Patriots:

-The Patriots and Cheating - By far the most popular on Sunday.  Such cynics.  I'm happy to fuel your hate, haters.

-Patriots and Culture - Not liked as much by the haters.

-Why HR Pros Should love the Patriots - It's all about team.  Or something like that.

-Belichick on Culture and Saying WTF - Doesn't always work out for the Pats.

-Salary Cap Management and the Patriots - On not overpaying talent.

That's all I got. Not a single Gronk post, which is disappointing to say the least.  Have at it.  Me?  I'm hoping for a "you mad bro" moment during the game, followed by Gronk RUNNING over Richard Sherman for a TD.  

Hate in the comments.






Matt Landrum

Never been a fan of Captain Grumpy or Pete Carroll (his hair is too awesome), but dang them guys can head ballcoach.


Use your hate, young Skywalker.

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