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In the backdrop of all the humanity that has occurred in Ferguson case, we get the idea to prevent it from happening again:  

We should have body cameras for all police officers.

On the surface, that's not a bad idea.  But good ideas related to deploying technology always come with unintended consequences.

For the body camera, the biggest issue is probably privacy issues that are caused by those camera catching images that are generally have to become part of the public domain.

You were where?  Why were you in the background of that cop's camera shoot?  Who's that man with you?

Imagine if you could put a camera on every manager in your company and tape their daily interactions with the team.

Pros: Manager on high alert, tries to do and say the right thing.  Great record to refer to for any he said/she said argument. You get to laugh as you watch the awkwardness of it all.

Cons: Employees know the manager is taping the interaction, back him/her into corners repeatedly as a result.  Fewer authentic interactions as a result of the cameras. Great record to refer to for any he said/she said argument.

Like reform advocates, you'd love to have a tape of the interactions with the manager in question at the center of an EEOC claim.

It's all the other stuff you'll have to see and be responsible for that makes that prospect less than appealing. 



The comparison betwen putting cameras on police officers versus managers in the workplace is not a good one. The stakes for the police officer and the perpetrator are frequently life and death. For managers and employees more like employment and no employment!


Read The Circle. Workplace fiction if Google+Facebook had a baby and ruled the government. Body cameras on all in then end, 2 min window for the restroom with no cameras.

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