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Yeah, I'll say it.

I think walk up music should be required at all your meetings.  You know what walk up music is - it's the song that plays when a major league baseball player walks from the dugout to the batter's box.  Another version is what plays during dead balls in arenas and stadiums with event personnel who know what they're doing.

Walk up music is designed to the make the event seem bigger than it is by ripping something from pop culture.  It sets a mood.

And if you're a leader, you should ask your people to provide intro music to every meeting.  Here's what you'll learn:

1.  How they're feeling.

2.  What the tone of the meeting is.

3.  How creative they are.

4.  How much they're willing to take risks.

5.  What they're interested in.

6.  Who is a gigantic Bonnie Tyler fan (Hint - most Benefit Managers over the age of 40 are.)

So take a week and mandate that all the meetings you call include walk up music.  You start by providing it yourself.  Then make other people do it.

It's going to be topically, people are going to be ridiculed, and it will make you closer as a team.

Here's my walk up music for you today.  Instrumental version of Wiz Khalifa's "We Dem Boyz".  Why?  Because if you're still reading, this is my meeting.  White guy, over 40, chosing Wiz Khalifa.  Deal with it. (email subscribers, click through for music and video) 




"Genesis" by Justice...more a closing pitcher coming out in the 9th to finish the game

"Swastika Eyes"(Jagz Kooner Remix) by Primal Scream.


I had a buddy that did PA for the local high school baseball team. He let everyone pick their walk-up music. The kids loved it. Surprising how many 17 year-olds were picking Led Zeppelin and AC/DC.

At my last company, they did this for all the speakers at sales conference. My buddy and I tried our damnedest to get his wife to choose "Short Skirt / Long Jacket" by Cake, but, alas, she went with Pink's "Get the Party Started". At first, we hated to admit our genius had been surpassed, but sometimes you have to give it up for a better idea.

Ricky Bobby does it best.

I'd like to see somebody pick Public Enemy or glam rapper, Mickey Avalon.

Johnny Nyk

Bowie's Rebel Rebel

Oh and Gary Cherone is still awful.


Well put!

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