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It's 9/11.  It's been awhile, but it's still there.

In a world where Americans are getting beheaded in HD quality video, framed in just the right way by the organizations responsible, we're back to 9/11.

Some might think it irresponsible to try and make a workplace connection to 9/11 that's not EAP related.  But I think the message for you and your job, 13 years out from that shitty day, is pretty evident:

1. Your problems in the workplace really aren't very big at all, and more importantly;

2. You ought to remember the day and the event by doing something decisive to LEAD in the role you're in.

Most of my readers are HR leaders or leaders of people.  It's easy for both groups to caught up in pettiness or organizational politics, individual personalities, business pressures, etc.  Too often, all of those complicating factors add up and slow the action we know needs to be taken.

We delay.  We rationalize.  I'm as guilty of it as anyone.

9/11.  Every year, we see video that reminds us we only have so many days, and we're reminded of all the people who did something BIG in response to the events of the day.  Heroes.

So watch some footage today, be reminded of how many people took action to help others, then do something you haven't done in awhile.

Make a decisive decision that you know is needed - regardless of who it pisses off.  Just do it.  It's one small way you can take the energy you feel from the memory and help yourself - as well as the people around you.

9/11 means a lot of things.  To me, one of the big messages is to lead in whatever role you're in.  

Trust me, the people around you want to see it.  


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