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"It's always the employees who are brave enough to leave you most want to keep." Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 8.45.24 AM

What about the ones who would wear a tasteful t-shirt stating their intentions/psychological state to their co-workers?

Yeah - I'd probably want to keep them even more... 

But I digress... Got this note from a guy named Brandon Jameson this week:

"My "Flight Risk" T-shirt <> was inspired by the designation of an employee poised to leave a company. I embraced this idea to be worn with confidence by people looking for something better and am looking to share the shirt with a broader audience. I thought there might be a place for it on or another of your online properties."

The t-shirt embedded to the right is the shirt.  Gotta say, that's nice.

Here's more about Brandon:

"I am a graphic designer/art director and one of my primary clients for the past few years is in the HR space. The idea of identifying potential flight risks within a company came up a while ago as a product feature and I liked the idea of someone self-identifying as a flight risk with the T-shirt. It's sort of liberating when you're not sure you're in the right place or convinced you're not using the extent of your talents. It gives hope and confidence that you can find something better, and that may be tomorrow."

Love or hate the idea of your employees wearing something like this, you gotta admit - It's a great idea.

Of course, an HR leader wearing this would be money.  Hit the link above if you're feeling it to order.  No money to me, just liked it enough to share.


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