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Hope you had a great holiday weekend.  Back to the grind, people.

What did I learn over Labor Day?  I'm glad you asked.  I learned that in every work environment, there's always one guy or gal - the person who pushes the limits of what's acceptable in the workplace in a classic "Look at me - I'm awesome" moment.

Sure it's harmless.  But people around that person roll their eyes when the person trys to grab a little spotlight.

College Football opened up this last weekend.  I went down to the Plains and took in the Auburn season opener.  Then this happened - email subscribers click through for the video below:

So an Auburn player makes somebody miss, then starts jetting down the sidelines.  Of course the ball boy had to run with him.

"But KD, it's fun."

"KD - how old are you again?"

"You need to lighten up, KD."

I get it.  But let's face it, if you're an HR pro, you've deal with these types of people before.  These are the people who send out the informational email designed to congratulate themselves.  These are the people in the background at the game who are mucking it up behind the commentators.

They have to get some visibility.  They have to say, "look at me!"  "I'm awesome"

Somewhere at Auburn today there's a manager who's responsible for the ball boy.  He's pissed that one of his people - who are designed to provide services, not be seen - soaked up the spotlight for himself and the focus wasn't on the player.  He's citing safety issues.  He's citing conduct issues. The coaching staff is likely pissed that the ball boy made the national media before the player.

And he wants another damn policy to hit the handbook to prevent this in the future.

When your equivalent of the Auburn ball boy happens, don't write another policy for the employee handbook or the ops manual.  Just have a really good Professional Conduct Policy in place in your handbook, and fire the ballboy.  You'll never have another problem with the glory grab.  85% of your involuntary terms could be handled via a great Professional Conduct Policy.

War Eagle.  And the dude had a running start - he's not as fast as the WR.


Joe Rice

I much prefer the office Darwinism approach as well.

I know you're a transplant to the state so +1 for the War Eagle over the Roll Tide, but I now feel obliged to say Hotty Toddy!


Maybe he just wants to be like Red Lightning after that January loss.

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