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You've Got An Opinion On The Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Decision? Join the Club...

Yeah - you've got an opinion on that, just like everyone else.  If you didn't catch it, the Supreme Court laid down a 5-4 decision on Monday that said closely held companies - where 5 or fewer individuals hold 50% or more ownership of a company - don't have to abide by the Affordable Care Act provisions that mandate coverage of contraceptives that bump up against the definition of abortion.


It generates a lot of emotion.  From women, Christians, women who are Christians, bros who know both women and women who are Christians.  From fundamentalists and feminists. 

Wow.  Everybody has an opinion on this one.  The meme above is the best I could do.  

What do moderates have to say about the Hobby Lobby decision?  Nothing, because they get attacked from both sides.

I'll be back on this topic with a Tuesday podcast on how HR pros should prepare to deal with the Hobby Lobby mandate, what you should know about it and prepare for, etc.

For now, I'll leave you with this - wait one month, and all the only question you need to ask to determine whether the company you're dealing with is closely held or not and what their politics are is the following:

"Questions?  Just one.  Does your medical plan cover the day after pill?"

Boom.  Be interesting to see if that question makes its way into any interview dialog.



"What do moderates have to say about the Hobby Lobby decision? Nothing, because they get attacked from both sides."


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