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CAPTION THIS: What is this Employee Thinking As Her Manager Is Talking?

So... There was a whole lot of learning going on at Kinetix last week, as we did 4 days worth of filming to make our upcoming training series for Managers of People truly interactive.

We learned a lot.  I think the next time we do it, we'll do the same work in half the time.  But that's not saying we didn't get great results, because we did.  I got to read off a teleprompter while looking natural for 8 hours.  So, I got that going for me, which is nice...

Another example - One of many manager/employee vignettes is captured in the Instagram post embedded below (email subscribers, you'll want to see this - so click through if it doesn't appear below).  That's a look coming from an employee that could mean many, many different things.

Your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to caption what the employee is thinking as the manager is breaking down what her behavioral assessment says about her work style.

Good times - see my caption in the comments, and leave your caption there as well....



"You think I follow the rules too much? How about I get up and walk out RIGHT NOW!!!"



Look serious or risk laughing at my boss. Wow he's taking this more seriously than I thought.


"What in the world is that smell?"


Seriously? That is the exact opposite what you said last week.

Kimberly Bowron

Blah, blah, blah. Do you think I get lunch for this?


"What you talkin''bout Willis?!"


If he mentions my "faking good" score one more time...


Faulty TPS reports? Again?!? Are you kidding me? Next, he'll be suggesting Nickelback tunes for the company theme song.


I'm about to reach across this desk and yank a knot in your head.


If he makes that smacking noise one...more...time!


This place is a prison.

Ashley White

I wonder if he realizes that his left eyebrow sits higher on his face than his right eyebrow. I guess he's right...I am high details.

Amy Jones

"You say I don't trust others? I don't believe a word you're saying.."

Shirley Shurling

I can't get Rockstar's lyrics out of my head from lunch... wait did you just say something important? HEY you kinda look like Ryan....

Dave Wilson

I cannot decide . . . is my boss is a genius or clueless . . .


Honestly, having you as a boss is the main cause of my "low people" score! Can I go back to my office now?!?!?


I put up with this #%@& at home, you think I'm gonna do it here, too!?!

(btw - funny how this kind of post generates more comments than a month of other posts...)

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