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Gimme Some of That Workday Thing: Zenefits Lands $66.5 million led by Andreessen Horowitz...

A Great Add to Your Leadership Training: "Memento Mori" (aka, stay humble, #$#$#)

In ancient Rome, when a victorious general paraded through the streets, legend has it that he was somtimes trainled by a servant whose job it was to repeat to him, "Momento Mori: Rembember You Will Die."  The reminder of mortality would help the hero keep things in perspective, and perhaps instill some Zuck and chart humility.

Sounds like a great add to any leadership training to me.  Enjoy the good times, but don't expect that it's your birthright they will last.

Ask Yahoo.  Ask MySpace. Ask Netscape. Ask Kodak.  

Ask <insert your company here>.


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