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The Zappos Drinking Game...

My new column is up at  Here's a taste:

"There's a new joke rolling around HR conferences near you. It goes something like this, “Anytime you hear someone say ‘Zappos,’ you have to drink.”

It’s HR nerd humor at its best. And all HR leaders (including me) who have been in the game for a decade or more have a little HR nerd in them.

The point of the HR drinking game is simple. Like any industry, HR tends to latch onto cool, trendy ideas and drive them into the ground. Las Vegas-based online retailer has done a great job in building and sustaining its workplace culture — so much so that it has become a target for cynics who enjoy a shot of Jägermeister."

Go get the full column here!


Alan O

I've been reading your work for a long time, KD, and...agree or always makes me think. This may be my all-time favorite. The concepts are spot-on, and your explanatory style is very articulate. This one goes in the 'save' file.


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