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If you're tired of your HR reporting decks not having any pop, it's obvious what you need.

You need to stop measuring you (HR) and start measuring them (the business).  What do I mean by that?  No one cares about your time to fill, raw turnover stats, etc.  If you really want to get the attention of your business partners, you need to start measuring the people you serve.  That means not only reporting data, but using it to predict what's going to happen next.  And make it about them.

That's where we get uncomfortable as HR pros.  That's why I'm sharing part of the deck from a Fistful of Talent webinar I did with Steve Boese on HR and Big Data.

Example from the deck - you report on Time to Fill in your HR/Recruiting shop.  Business owners: <yawn>.  Want to get their attention?  Report on Hiring Manager Batting Average, which measures how many hires actually stick for a period of time (you make the call on the time period - one year?  two?).  

That will get their attention.

Check out the slides below (email subscribers click through if you can't see the embedded slides) for my top five ways you need to adjust your HR reporting to get the attention of the business and position your HR shop as a value-added equal.


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