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My friends at Halogen Software partnered with Harvard Business Review recently to survey their readers on whether or not frontline managers have the resources, tools and development they need to be successful. 

You know what I think - we know frontline managers are the most important resource that drives all the Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 9.21.41 AMstuff we value most - performance, loyalty, engagement, etc - but we do little to develop them. I believe it so much that I'm developing a leadership development series at Kinetix specifically for managers of people. 

Here's what the Harvard Business Review heard from their readers about this critical group of leaders — who oversee the performance and development of more than 70% of the workforce:

  • 77% of executives surveyed said frontline managers are important in helping their organization reach its business goals, 
  • 65%  believe that frontline managers do not receive sufficient tools and training to develop into highly effective leaders, and
  • And 79% said it’s negatively impacting their business.

You probably aren't surprised by that, right?  The reason I wanted to share this is that many of you have been preaching this for years, but were unable to get funding to do anything about it.

If anything can help you get funding, it's a report from the Harvard Business Review.  Go to this Halogen Software download page (registration required) for the PDF of the research.  Share it with your leadership team and try and get some cash to help your frontline managers grow and do better as managers of people.

Thanks Halogen!


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