Are CEOs of Startups Destined to Hire Inexperienced Blonde Women as Their First HR Director?
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SLIDESHOW: The 5 Hiring Biases Most Managers Display - And They're All Legal...

It's official - your hiring managers are the worst you've ever seen.  Full of bias, they make hiring decisions for all the wrong reasons.

Don't believe me? Methinks you've just settled into complacency, then.  You've got your big protected classes that are covered by Title 7, then you've got all the polluted biases your managers bring the table that aren't covered by anything.

Check out the slide below from a webinar Tim Sackett and I did a year or so ago.

I posted yesterday about CEOs of startups hiring young, blonde females for HR leadership roles.  It wasn't my ideal, but I had enough email coming back at me that I wanted to share the slides below again.  Whether it's attractiveness, height, weight, alma matter or likeability, bias (and legal bias at that) is in play at your company.

The real question - do attractive, tall, thin, likeable people really get more done because of those factors, or do they represent hiring misses when the knowledge, skills and abilities aren't there to back those factors up?

The answer to that question is more complex than most of us would like to believe.

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