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To all my readers who are Moms... Happy Mother's Day.  You're a special group, and while your kids love you more than they love their Dads (deal with it guys, it's true.  They're the caretakers and you can never, ever compete with that), you still don't always feel the love you deserve as your family goes through it's daily life.

My mom passed away on January 1st of this year, and I was there when it happened.  I'm still not ready to fully talk about it here. But I can tell you that sitting in her house alone in the days before the funeral were both scary and uplifting at the same time.

It's easy to see why it was scary.  The first day back in the house after she passed it hit me - I'm alone (my dad passed away way too young - just like my Mom - in 2005).  Damn, that's jolting. But as I sat at her kitchen table those mornings, I thought about all the stuff that's made me successful and how hard she worked to make those things happen for me.  And I beamed with pride.

Watch the video below of Kevin Durant, the MVP of the NBA, as he accepts the award this week.  It's 90 seconds long, so watch the whole thing.  At the 55 second mark, he turns his attention to his mom.

I dare you not to well up with tears as you watch this (email subscribers click through for video):


Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there who read this blog.  You're the best, and while your kids may not understand everything you've given to them, they will at some point.  Whether that happens while they're accepting an award or sitting at a table after you're gone, they'll know. 

And they'll be sad and happy at the same time.  And your work will be done.



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