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USE WITH YOUR EMPLOYEES: How to Get An Internal Promotion...

Let's face it - as an HR pro at any level, you're a bit of therapist. One of the reasons we get paid is to help people work through tough situations where they feel like they're getting stale and can't progress in the company.

In other words, you have to help people understand why there's not more opportunity for them.  Even if they suck. Promoted

Why aren't you getting promoted?  Ever have to answer that question?  I'd be shocked if you hadn't heard that one a bunch - either directly or indirectly.

I'm up over at Fistful of Talent with a post on "The Key to Getting Internal Promotions - The Only Guide You'll Ever Need".  Nuggets include:

Things to do before the spot opens up, including:

--Never say no to work that comes from skip-level managers in your functional area where the future promotion sits.  You need more, not less, work from people who might control the decision related to who gets the promotion.  Stop getting your sissy feelings hurt if you’re amazing (#1) and people want a piece of you.  It’s money in the bank for your career.

Things to do after the spot opens up, including:

--Go straight to the hiring manager in question.  Tell them you are very interested in the position.  Be able to talk about why you’re interested and don’t make it about money. Don’t let your current manager do this bidding for you.  They don’t have your promotional interests in mind.  They’d like to keep you.  Don’t work through HR.  I’m an HR pro, and waiting for HR to introduce your candidacy is a sucker’s play.  Don’t wait on the “process.”

Head over to Fistful of Talent by clicking this link and get the full guide on getting internal promotions.  You've got my permission to print it out and say, "here's what someone says about that, I think there's a lot of truth in what they say".  The monkey's off your back, let me be the bad guy...

I'm the bad guy because another thing I say your employee needs to do before the position comes open is this:

--Be absolutely amazing in your current job.  You’re probably going to need to look better at what you do than other people.  If you blend in, you’re going to get passed over.  Be amazing. If that’s too much for you or seems too hard, stop reading and bounce over to Fast Company to dream some more.  If you can’t do this, don’t be surprised if you don’t get the promo.

It's not show friends, it's show business.  


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