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You have to love companies that know how to market and use/redirect negative misinformation directed at them for positive gain.

Subaru of Wichita would be one of those progressive organizations.  Brief back-story - the dealership did a remodel and non-union labor was used.  A local union entity didn't like it and placed the following sign in front of the dealership:


(assuming it's a public right-of-way and they had the right to do that, email subscribers enable pictures or click through to get the vibe)

It's easy to be a victim to bullying tactics, but instead of rubbing their hands together and fretting, Subuaru of Wichita used the message to enhance it's marketing plan.  See the picture below for the genius via an additional sign they put up:


Game. Set. Match.  But wait, the union's a marketing organization too - they had one more move up their sleeve.  Click here to head on over to The Blaze for what happened next and how Subaru of Wichita used it's formal education to again get the uppper hand.

It's epic, and Subaru of Wichita is now in the HR Capitalist Hall of Fame.

h/t to Phil H, longtime Capitalist reader.


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