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2 Things That Great HR Organizations Have In Common...

Pretty Simple.  They have more people than average to bad HR organizations with the following characteristics - 

1.  A low tolerance for Rules.  High rules people, which traditional HR is full of, look for the operations manual and if your situation doesn't fit the pre-packaged solution, don't hesitate to tell you no.  Low rules people can't stand the operations manual and love the chaos.  They want to come up with their own solution, which BTW, happens to be customized for the person they're trying to help.

2. They say "yes" more than their traditional HR counterparts.  A willingness to say yes, or provide a conditional yes, is probably a result of the low rules pentration I've described up top.  Finding a way to say yes/find a path again leads to more custom solutions, which results in actual innovation (shocking!) from an HR Pro.

The HR orgs who have more HR pros with these two things will win.  Degrees, certifications and all the other BS is nice and valuable on some level, but without more people with these two things, your department will be average.

Go find some low rules people who know HR.  Soon.


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