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HELICOPTER MOM: Where Should Your Kid Go To Work Out of College?

That's right - I'm calling you helicopter moms out.  You're hovering over your kid more than a CIA drone over Osama Bin Laden's house in Pakistan a few years back.  You've controlled all the details until now, but you're probably disappointed that you'll have to stop doing that once they break from college.

Why stop? Keep hovering, heli-mom!  I've got your playbook in my latest post over at Halogen Software.  I know where your kid needs to work in that all important first job out of college. Helicopter_mom Here's a taste from the post:

"What's a sweatshop of the information age?  

It's a knowledge intensive business where your kid can pick up four years of experience in the first 12 months.  

If they stay three years, they'll have the equivalent of 12 years of experience.  That means they'll be ready to be an overachiever by the time they're 26, which let's face it, is what you desperately want.

But you have to give something to get something.

The most common feature of the information age sweatshop: it’s a cruel place to work."

Go get the rest of the post over at Halogen Software.  I've got your plan post-college, helicopter moms.  Your welcome.  Keep on hovering.


Career Bliss

I'm not sure I agree. Sure, if your primary goal is money. But there's something to be said about enjoyment, and following what you enjoy may not lead to as much money, but leads to more enjoyment, and some would argue, in the long run will lead to more money.


I totally agree with this! Going to work for a place like this when you are malleable and eager will put your career on a different trajectory.

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