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I'm up over at Fistful of Talent talking about the fallacy of stock options and something sneaking into the scene called "liquidation preferences".  Here's a taste of what I'm talking about:

"Let’s examine the Kris Dunn history with forms of equity: Options

1.  Young KD works for just formed Fortune 500 company and due to decent timing on when he joined, has stock options upon IPO and, at one time, can count a payoff near 7 digits.  Said company craters into bankruptcy, and young KD first connects the term options with the word “vapor.” Executive for company actually opens drawer and peaks in at a sheet to tell me the number of options I would receive upon joining in secretive fashion.  What could have possibly gone wrong with that type of LTI intro?

Stock options - they don't usually go the way you want them to go...

Go get the whole post here.  And find out more about how it's even tougher today for the average employee to get paid via stock options due a nasty venture capital trend called liquidation preferences.

Compensation day at the Capitalist....



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