Everyone's Dream Job: Interesting Work with the Illusion of Purity....

SLIDES: 5 Ways to Engage Talent Pools Without Looking Like a Stalker...

Talent Pools - everyone talks about them, and maybe you've even got candidates tagged in your ATS for future use.  But you haven't done anything with that, right?

No problem, you can check out a few slides below from a webinar I did earlier this week entitled "5 Easy Ways for Recruiters/HR Pros to Engage Talent Pools Without Looking Like a Complete Stalker"... Is stalking bad? It is unless you're LinkedIn stalking - that's socially acceptable.

Strategies we broke down include:

-Content Mapping and Creation

-Content Streaming on Social/LinkedIn

-Featured Player


-The Big @## Vanity Project

Check the slides out below and ping me if you want to go more in depth about any of the strategies.. (email subscribers, click through to see the embeded slide deck...)


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