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Here's my slides from HR Tech, where I riffed on the evolution of the modern manager and came to the conclusion that Ari Gold has more to do with what makes a manager successful than any of those BS Managerial Competencies your company might be clinging to.

I walked through some history here to keep it real - the contributions of Henry Ford and Don Draper-types to the evolution of managers in today's world and then identified the primary gap - your employees don't trust you, so your managers are already at a serious disadvantage when it comes to getting results and high performance from the people they manage.

The only way out of that is for your managers to act more like a career agent - think Ari Gold for employees - and less like what you expect out a traditional manager.

One of my big 3 goals for 2014 is to build a new platform of Leadership training for managers with this simple "career agent" thought as the backdrop.  I'm doing that as part of my role at Kinetix, so let me know if you're looking for fresh approaches to leadership/managerial skills in 2014.  I'm legally obligated at this point to develop that training platform (I've found a great client company that believes and engaged me to do it), so it's going to happen - because it has to happen.

And yes, the slides are mostly pictures - that's how I roll when presenting.  Big pictures and a story.  Enjoy...


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