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It's true.  As I've reported in the past, the NRLB and EEOC are becoming more aggressive from a marketing perspective, with the EEOC putting out press releases on big wins and even suits filed against companies where guilt or negligence hasn't even been proven yet.

Wait - is that the government publically going after companies that help drive the economy?  Yes.  Next question. Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 10.05.07 AM

Next up - the NLRB has released an app to help promote the right to organize in the field.  Note that creating healthy workplaces is not a part of this - it's all about the employee's right to organize.  Good call NLRB.  Why spin it from a neutral perspective?

See the app by clicking here - you have to love this.

Still, the NLRB won't make a dent just because they are putting out an app.  Here's 3 reasons why this app won't make a difference:

1. Bad products don't sell.  Organizing is a bad product and the central features are flawed.  An app can't cover that.

2. There's no gamification to have fun with.  They could have done Angry Birds and smashed some managers, but they are a governmental agency, so they've got to keep it mellow.

3. Video promotion won't work. because 98% of the time, employees central to organizing campaigns are low performers.  You can mask that, but to really market organizing, you need video of people inside companies leading it.  Those people are almost always low perfomers and troubled in a variety of ways.  Even if you mask that, it still comes down to "us against the man", and high performers never lead that charge, because they get treated differently than lower performers who lead organizing attempts.

Union organizing - there's an app for that.  Thank goodness it's not very good.



NLRB Guide is really a useful app I have been using it for a while now to take references.


To actually make a difference an app should offer something valuable to its users which is when it is going to stand apart from rest of the apps. Very well said Kris thanks for writing.

vidmate app

Organizing is a bad product and the central features are flawed. An app can't cover that.

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