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Want to get the attention of someone in your next College Recruiting class?  Start thinking like a marketer and find stats that wow them.  Take the title of this blog post:

"The Top Half of Our College Recruiting Class of 2009 Now Earns an Average of $109K Per Year"

Honestly, it doesn't really matter what the stat is.  Your company has great stories - go find them.  Slice and dice the data and find truth that tells your story in a unique way.

The headline to this blog post isn't real.  But in a company with any type of size and scale, I could go into your HRMS and find a great story to shake up your recruiting messaging.

Here's the formula:

1.  Find a segment of your employee population that's been around for reasonable time period.

2.  Segment that segment until you find a killer stat involving money or promotions.  Preferably money.

3.  Be brave enough to talk about money in your recruiting communications.

4.  Rinse and Repeat.

Need a real world example? I'll give you one that's in the press this week and is actually fun.  Nick Saban and Alabama Football are using this in their recruiting pitches.  Read it and come back after the jump for some simple analysis:


51 Million and change.  They took data and are using that in the recruiting process.  Pretty interesting.  Compelling.

Let's think about college football - 85 scholarships or roughly 21 recruits per year on average.  Alabama could say that the top 10% of the Tide's 2012 team went on to sign contracts worth 51 million.

How can you frame a similar message?  

"The Top Half of Our College Recruiting Class of 2009 Now Earns an Average of $109K Per Year"

Think about it - we need to become better marketers as HR pros.  It's waiting for you there in your HRMS.  Go get the data and spin it already.


Shaw, Barry, Panagiotou


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