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I love movies about Frats and Sororities. Mainly because to make for good theatre, the plot needs to involve a high level frat/sorority and the struggles of the underdog (note: outsiders that couldn't get selected for that frat/sorority no matter how bad they wanted it) to compete.  

Let's list some of my favorite movies with this theme: Old-School-movie-17

--Old School
--Animal House
--Revenge of the Nerds

I know - it's a male/frat dominiated list, mainly because I suspect dudes love to watch bumbling idiots and compare it to themsleves and their friends.  The ladies?  I'm thinking that doesn't work as well for them.

But one thing I know for sure - our hiring managers love to hire the most attractive, smoothest talking candidate - your basic Ken and Barbie.  The underdogs who might have the skills but don't look like they fit in?  They're going to have to go down the street to the new frat/sorority that's got lower standards.  That natural human bias means you don't always hire the best candidate for the role.

That’s why Fistful of Talent (my other site that I run along with HR Capitalist) is going Greek this summer with our webinar FOT’s 2013 Rush: Why You Shouldn’t Pick Your Talent Like You Did Your Sorority Sisters (click the link to register), brought to you by the team at Join your hosts (and my recruits! I hired them at FOT!  One could be in any greek org she wants and one would be scratching for any invite..) Tim Sackett and Kathy Rapp on July 17 at 1pm EST and they’ll hit you with the following:

1. A deeper look at the old way of hiring paralleled to sorority rush. Skit Day and behavioral interviewing, matching interview polos and Lily Pulitzer-laden ladies, Pref Day and the final offer… sorority rush has bad HR written all over it. But adding more steps does not always lead to the best hire; that’s why FOT is giving you an actionable plan to align your hiring process with your desired candidate profile.

2. FOT’s complete guide to dumb things your hiring managers do when making hiring decisions — and how to change them. In order to break the mold you have to know what the problem is, right?  We’ll cover items like hiring based on alma mater, handshake, favorite flavor of fro-yo, etc. in true FOT fashion. You guessed it — we’re calling out common biases and aligning them with your favorite Greek characters from pop-culture for easy reference when making your next hire.

3. We’ll explore the cliché “Hiring With Your Gut” and breakdown when that good old standard makes sense, when it’s lazy and when it may get someone fired (for a variety of reasons). While the paddle is optional in this section, not having a defined hiring process tied to an underlying job profile is not. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in this section.

4. 5 rush strategies to end the Stepford Wife plague in your house today. Ready to mix up your pledge class? We’ll show you how to go from the House Bunny to a balanced group of team members in 5 simple steps.

5. We’ll wrap this webinar up by bringing in an industry expert from for a little game of “It’s the freakin’ science, dude.” Hiring isn’t an art—it’s a science. We’ll give you the cliff’s notes on why, so you can ace your next hiring exam.

Some of you were greek in school, some of your weren't.  Regardless of your background, you'll find a lot of truth in what we lay out in this webinar and the comparison will help you leverage your hiring managers into better hiring selections.  Hit the form below to the register today or click here to register if you can't see the form (email subscribers click through on the email title to see the form below).  See you on Wednesday July 17 at 1pm EST!!

This Webinar is over - stop back for the next one! 


Elyssa Thome

Looking forward to the insight! Culture fit can be important, but you're turning down all-star talent if you can't see past the gloss. I was once told a hire was chosen "because he can really fill out a suit." Clearly he didn't last long as it became clear that was roughly the height of his contributions. Interested to see the science behind a successful hiring process.

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