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I went for a run earlier this week and realized something pretty simple - the best conversations I have professionally tend to be of the analog variety (plain old phone calls) with readers of the HR Capitalist and Fistful of Talent (my other blog, click the link to check it out if you're not aware of FOT). 

Since starting this blog in 2007, I've had hundreds of meaningful phone calls where I've met many of you in person, and those phone calls really have made me more energized than ever about the HR profession.

How did those phone calls happen? Usually off a comment on the blog or a reply to the daily email from you, at which point I say, "Hey - can we jump on the phone and say hi?"

Simply put, we've got some amazing people in the field who are smart, funny and can do anything they want to career-wise, yet they choose HR, recruiting, human capital, whatever you want to call it.  Most of the people I've talked to I would put in the top quartile (more like the top 10%?) of the profession.  

There's just one thing missing - Those hundreds of people (you) I've talked to aren't connected with each other.

That's why I'm launching a skunk-works called Project X, subtitled HR Capitalist Insiders. Here's how it's going to work:

1. I'm going to do what I can to book at least one phone call with a reader of the HR Capitalist or FOT every day.  If I don't hit it every day, I'm going to try and average 5 a week.  I've got an obsessive compulsive streak.

2. I'm also planning to go back through my LinkedIn and capture all the great people I've talked to in the past and reach out to see if you want to be a part of Project X.

3. The calls don't have to be long. If you're reading this, you already get what we're about here.  Just a quick call to say hi and learn more about your background, I'll share stuff about me as well.  We do 200K+ in email deliveries a month between email and RSS and get another 55K in monthly page views a month organically between the Capitalist and FOT.  Translation - there's tons of great people strolling through the site.  We just need to get more connected with each other.

4. My plan for Project X/HR Capitalist Insider is that you should know each other. I know a lot of you and it's been great for my outlook and motivation level. You should get that same kick if you want it.  So I'm going to find a private way to add you to the HR Capitalist Insider list and let you connect and network with each other.  Vendors won't be a part of it, but if you're a career HR pro/recruiter working for a vendor, you're eligible.  But if you try to sell, I'll put a contract out on you.

5. What's it take to make it to the HR Capitalist Insider list?  Energy. Business Chops.  A passion for what we do in the talent game.  A desire to network and find other people like you. Enough DNA that you could work in marketing or sales if you wanted to - but you chose HR/Talent.  I love that about us.

6. What else are we going to do?  Once you're an insider, I'm thinking I'll take feedback and ask the group what they want to do.  I'm thinking opportunities to network and learn - whatever means we come up with to deliver on that.  But we'll do it as a small group of insiders.

7. What do you have to do in exchange for being part of Project X/HRC Insider?  Engage. Participate a little bit.  Give a #@#t.

If you've ever said that you wish the professional associations in our profession would be more <insert wish>, this is probably for you.  

WHAT TO DO NEXT: If anyone around you has ever said, "You're not like other HR people I've known", reply to this email (if you get it through email) or shoot me a note at [email protected] and say, "KD - Put me down for Project X. My phone number is XXX-XXX-XXXX."  I'll reach out and set up a time to connect.


Arek Dymalski

This a really nice idea. Did you consider using Google Hangouts for a group talk? You've got at least 2 readers from this side of the pond and it would be much more convenient for us :)


What's the status of this project?

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