PREACH IT: Developing Your Talent Is About Being OK with Sucking...
HR SLANG: "They've Gone Galt" (Ayn Rand Version)

WINNING: It Takes Care of Everything at Your Company, Right?

You know the drill.  The killer sales rep has issues with the ladies, the bottle and/or his teammates.  Because he performs, all are encouraged to look the other way - until he doesn't perform, at which time it's "game on."  It's a reality that dates back to prehistoric times, when the caveman with a skill for slaying 2X the woolly mammoth of mortal cavemen was given "space" for his actions around the campfire.

Revenue producer? We've got patience for your "quirks".  Cost center? Get it together, because we can find other talent without the baggage to make the trains run on time.

Does winning cover up personal baggage at your company?  How could it not? 

But - your company doesn't put "winning" as one of it's core values.  You're smarter than that. Which is why it's so interesting that Nike put Tiger Woods up as public display #1 that winning solves everything.  See the picture below (email subscribers click through for the visual).


Here's a link to the news coverage of Nike's decision to quote Tiger and really make it a corporate position.  Interesting vibe in these articles and about what you would expect.

Everyone knows that winning takes care of everything.  A better path would have been a redemption theme, which everyone could have gotten their head around.  

I might have had even more fun with the Tiger backstory:

Big Letters: "867-5309"

Little Letters: "Jenny, Tiger's got your number"

The lesson - when writing marketing copy, don't let the high performer with baggage craft the narrative.  Maybe the professionals ought to handle that.



Quirks. One of my favorite recruiting terms.


I've seen "Winning" in Core Values

Core Value #1 - CYPRESS IS ABOUT WINNING - We do not tolerate losing


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