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Let's start with a couple of assumptions:

1. Your recruiting marketing consists of job postings and a boring careers site.

2. You don't do any customized outreach to special candidates you'd like to hire in the future.

3. You really aren't into looking different.  Blending in feels good to you.

If that's you and you don't dream of shaking that up, this post (as Eddie Vedder once said) is not for you.

Regardless of your business, there's a handful of candidates out there who can really get it done.  In any functional area to be sure, but these days the difference makers to you company come in one of two flavors - creators and rainmakers.

Creators are the people who create what you sell.  In a lot of companies, those are software developers.  Rainmakers are people who sell your stuff.  

Not everyone who creates or sells for a living is special.  In fact, most are average.  BUT - when you find a top tier creator or rainmaker, they are different.  They can drive results for your company in ways that others can't.

So why wouldn't you customize your recruiting process for them once they're identified?

To do that, you're going to have to think more like a college football/basketball recruiter.  Check out the following outlandish letter from a flesh-peddler at NC State:

NC STATE recruiting letter (2)

Here are the elements that matter in this letter.  Don't laugh, it's true:

1.  Not typed.  Looks handwritten, so it's designed to say I cared enough to write this out for you.

2.  I'm crazy.  You don't see crazy a lot, do you?  I'm calling you Big Time, referring to you as a Baller, and I'm telling you that I'm a fan.  No apologies - I'm crazy, and that makes me interesting.

3.  It's all designed to be over the top. Example - my equation: NC State Needs = Ballers.... You=Baller.

Take a second and think about the percentage of your candidates, or even new hires annually, who are really difference makers.  If you can't point to any, there's a problem.  If you can point to some, you need more.

Now ask yourself the question - how do the difference makers get treated, receive proactive outreach, etc. that makes them different?  Are you brave enough to recruit them like colleges recruit Top 100 players?  What would happen if you recruited them like a college does?  Don't rationalize yourself into saying it's not possible or doesn't matter.  That. Is. Rationalization. Designed.  To. Avoid.  Putting. Yourself. Out. There.  

Think about the note above and what top candidates/difference makers see from you.  There's a sweet spot in the middle of this letter and what you're currently doing.

PS: I love the way you ball.

Kinetix Needs - Ballers
You = Baller 



As a graduate of the above referenced school, I know that this is going to get all torn up here in ACC country (what with the UNCheaters and Duke literally miles away...), but, to paraphrase Uncle Drew from another sport, the game is and always has been about buckets. Win baby!

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