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THE 8-MAN ROTATION e-BOOK: Because Sports and HR Are Hopelessly Connected...

That's right people...  The 8 Man Rotation e-book is back for another year....and it is our biggest edition ever!!!

You chuckled when you scanned the inaugural season covering the year in sports and HR for 2010. 8man1-300x300  You cried...when you read the 2nd season covering 2011.

Now you're invited to check out the 3rd edition of the best sports and HR writing from the minds of Steve Boese, Matthew StollakLance HaunTim Sackett, and myself

Over 60 posts!!! Over 150 pages!!!  With gracious forewords from China Gorman and Dwane Lay.

Plus world class art from Lizzie Maldonado via the 8-Man Rotation logo seen to the right.  #nice

So, what are you waiting for?!?!?  Download the 2012 Season of the 8 Man Rotation here.

Note - This post was inspired by the work of @akabruno.



This post looks vaguely familiar, Fareed Z!


You are too kind ... I am reading it now. #NYtimesBestSellerSRSLY

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