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WHO THE HECK MOVED MY CHEESE: Here's a Money Slide for Your Next Preso on Organizational Change... Has Overtaken the Big Job Boards

My friend Laurie had an interesting post up earlier this week over at The Cynical Girl about Job Boards.  So good that I'm copying her writing in the next paragraph to intro this post:

"Every year, Gerry Crispin releases something called The Source of Hire report. His study shows us how companies find their employees. While the sample size is limited, it’s the best report in the industry. And Gerry basically tells us that people get jobs in three ways:referralsonline career websites and job boards."

Gerry is the master. Laurie goes on to say that the Source of Hire report shows that Monster (and I think CareerBuilder falls into the same category) is still a very viable way to find a job.  She's right.

But - when I looked at the charts provided by Gerry's source of hire report, I saw something that I had been feeling, but hadn't seen in data yet. has overtaken the Big Job Boards as a destination of choice for job seekers.  Look at the following screen shot from Gerry's Source of Hire report (all of which is available via SlideShare here):

Job Board Hires

Interesting, right? has reached and even eclipsed the reach of the big job boards.  It matches what we're seeing at Kinetix in terms of referral traffic, and in a recent search I did for a VP of HR, almost every direct apply candidate of note came from Indeed.  So if you don't speak the pay per click language of, you need to find out more about how that works.

Other interesting things: Indeed looks to have won the aggregator war with Simply Hired, which has got to be a traffic issue when comparing the sites.  Also notable - DICE is obviously the source of choice when you need a job board for tech talent, as evidenced by 58% of the companies surveyed saying they get 1-10% of their job board hires from the source. 

Check out all of Gerry's Source of Hire report here, fellow Capitalists.




I think that's a good point on size/scope. I like and I also like

I really wrote the post because of a few chumpy bloggers who bag on like it is a POS. The are worse ways to find a job. Monster, indeed, linkup and others are simply tools.

Jon Mann

would have liked to have seen LI on this comparison sheet as it's much more of a job board and in the mix as well - although a large part of LI now is recruiters shouting jobs at one another these days and all the techies are hiding somewhere else : )

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