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IPAD/KINDLE: And Thoughts About Veering From a Single HR Platform...

So he did it.  Santa brought one of our kids a Kindle.  

We've got 3 iPhones and an iPad.  Still, it was cool to see the Kindle under the tree. Then, I started seeing the pings to my Amazon account for App downloads and I thought, "what the hell are we doing?"

Santa gave us a new platform. All the start up costs associated with that are going to flow to support that new platform. We have the Apple Platform, and last time I checked there was a Kindle app that you can use on Apple devices. Name the feature of the new Kindle platform (books! video! music! games!), and we already had that on Apple.

It's not that one is better than the other. It's the fact that we already had one platform supporting 4 people, and through digital rights management, much of the content across that platform could be shared.

How many times did you introduce a new platform in HR in 2012 because it was the shiny new thing? 

Which is a fancy way of asking how many passwords you've pushed on your employees, right?

The higher the number of passwords, the lower the adoption rate/business results related to your HR platform.

I love the Kindle. But all it did was introduce complexity and ensure that the platforms we use don't talk to each other.  Need to remember that at work in 2013.


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