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Employee Nickname of the Week: "KGB"

If you know anything about me, you know I love to give nicknames to employees, candidates, etc.

They're a face in the crowd until we give them a nickname that's ripped from pop culture.  Which means they've arrived.KGB

Past examples:

"Boots" - the guy that wears the ankle boots to the interview.  Kenneth Cole had a sale? I didn't see that.

"Teeth" - corrective work needed. Dental plan doesn't cover orthodontics.  Great talent anyway, that's why she gets a nickname.

This week's top nickname:

"KGB" - given to an edgy sales guy. You know KGB.  He dresses in black for the most part and always looks stylish.  Most importantly, he goes with the shadow beard.  IT ALWAYS SEEMS LIKE IT IS 2-3 DAYS OUT.

Picture of KGB to the right.  You know him.  You love him.  The ladies love him.

He's KGB.  


J. Zazz

Love it. Do the same, but your descriptions all appear to be physical atributes. Our typically are derived from performance. Ex: Our sales leader is not a rainmaker, he is a 'Stain maker' as everywhere he go he leaves one and that is just not good for business


Always enjoy your posts! ...So to the point in an entertaining way

Tasman McManis

Kris we like nicknames in Australia too and they are often structured with a double meaning, for example "Pot Hole" someone who is always in the road or "Mud Guard" shiney on top but full of rubbish underneath

Labor law posters

Thanks for your explanation for the week's top nickname. I can always get something new in your blog. Keep working^^

wisdom tooth guide

Dental plan doesn't cover orthodontics. Great talent anyway, that's why she gets a nickname.

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