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Hey - did a webinar last week for the good people at and Jobvite entitled "Impress Me or You're Dead v2: More Rules for How Candidates Judge Recruiters."  We had a great time, and the focus this time around was what recruiters can do to influence how candidates view them as value-added partners.

We focused on 4 things:

-Having a social media plan
-Findability once you have a decent social stream as a recruiter
-Likeability as a recruiter - so everyone doesn't think you're a dud
-The concept of "best in breed" vs the "suite" recruiter 

Slides below on the concept of findability.  The four things we mention specifically - email signatures, ATS messaging and header/footer space on posted jobs - sound common sense, but we ran a poll and almost no one was utilizing all three.

Plus - download Wisestamp ASAP to make your social streams more compelling and "must see" from the candidate's point of view.


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