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Do Your Company Values Match What Employees Want? Or How They Perform?

In Tampa today speaking to HR Tampa (aptly named!).  Topic is company values.  Questions are the following:

Are the company values you put on the wall and in the brochure believable to your employees given their experience with your company?  Do they match what truly drives improved results in your business?

Here's what we'll be talking about.  Below is a dual list of 10 common values found in a meta-analysis of company value statements.   The ones in red are the top 4 that appeared in a cross section of 100 companies.  The ones highlighted in blue are what high performers selected when asked to pick the 4 values (of the 10 listed) they'd most like to see included in the value statements of their companies.  


Keyword/Hashtag:  #Whoops.

Should be fun.  I love talking about lazy concepts that we really don't question the merit of - we just accept it waaaaay too often.

Holla if you're in Tampa today.


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