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DEAR HR: You Might Want to Explore These Charts on Text Messaging

I know, I know.  You all know about text messaging.  All the kids are doing it.  You're doing it.  The bigger question is the following - "is any part of your HR communication strategy focused on SMS/Text Messaging?"

The answer for 99.8% of us is "no".  We don't use text messaging as part of our HR comms platform.  But that's wrong and a missed opportunity.  The following two charts show the opportunity.

Even though texts per month/per user have flattened out, it still equates to 20-30 per day on average. 

SMS per month per user

And, if your trying to reach someone below the age of 34, the usage rates are much higher.

Can you say campus recruiting?  Check out the chart below.   


I know what you're saying - "but Kris, what about the charges for texting?"

You're kidding me, right?  Does it look like anyone below the age of 34 has a pay per text plan?  They are all unlimited, yo.

But if you must worry about that, start an opt in campaign to get people to opt into getting messages from you via text.  Tell them it will cut down on BS emails they don't read, and then change your comms plan for these people to share links to bigger docs, and make sure those pages are mobile ready.

Shake off the rust, ye Dinosaur.  Offspring video about the kids not being alright as a bonus below (email subscribers click through for charts and video):


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