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As a Candidate, You're Like Nickelback...(From the Silver Side Up Days)

Just got done telling one of my best friends in the business that the reason a candidate wanted to work for her was that she was like Nickelback.  Not Nickelback that currently exists - which is to say the "sellout" Nickelback - but the Nickelback that was cool before they become a Top 40 ballad machine.

Which is to say "Silver Side Up" Nickelback.  He's drawn to you because you're that type of brand.  Before the sellout.

I think we ought to compare talent more to bands, to members of bands and to different phases of a band's evolution.

The only compliment in this regard to Nickelback is "early" Nickelback.  Of course, the Beastie Boys actually got stronger in later CD's.  The biggest compliment I could give you as an employee related to creativity?  You're like the Beasties in the "Paul's Boutique" days.

But back to Nickelback.  You're money in your job.  You're kicking #@@ in stadium concerts with an all-rock playlist before you sold out to top 40.  Your nickname to me is officially "Silver Side Up".  I even call you that in the hallways.

The bard quoteth:

"He's drunk again, it's time to fight 
Same old sh#t, just on a different night 
She grabs the gun, she's had enough 
Tonight she'll find out how ----king 
Tough is this man 
Pulls the trigger as fast as she can 
Never Again"

Easy there my talented friend....  Make sure you save something for next quarter.  It's a marathon, not a sprint.

Name talent after bands.  That is all.


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